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My clients inspire me. We create a beautiful energy exchange. It's a gift to witness them letting go. Having the courage to take in the here and now.

I offer jewels from the heart center and what I feel is right in my soul.

The healing modalities I share have worked for me so I whole-heartily pass it to them...helping them understand it, nurture it and master it. And then I watch the unfoldment of a higher awakening.

I encourage them to listen to their own body as they find their inner expression. Experiencing the practice from the inside out feeling the shifts and changes in perspective.

When clients share what they're feeling, it's as profound as it is humbling. It always reminds me that radical self-care, heals the whole being mind, body and spirit.


To me, working with clients is so much about intuitively helping create a healthy balance and restoring inner peace. When we work together, our practice begins the moment you walk in the door; here's what you can expect.

  • I'll check in to determine your current state of being.

  • Then inform you to listen to your body through out your practice as you are your greatest teacher. I will direct you into the pose but it is up to you to listen to what your body need in the moment. 

  • In the initial pose, we will establish your breath and begin to release what no longer serve your future progression, sending a invitation through the physical landscape of the body. 

  • From pose to pose, your body and mind becomes fortified and flexible.

  • With an emphasis on safe alignment and deep breathing, you're able to concentrate on the present moment and move deeper into mindful movement.

  • And when we end, you'll take away a greater sense of calm, a clearer pathway to steady meditation.

Your practice is customized for you, and it's tailored to your individual needs.

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