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Misty Mist Essentials was created with wellness in mind, by producing a high vibrational rose mist from this luxurious super flower.  Rose essential oil vibrates at 320 MHz the highest vibrating plant essence on the earth. Combined with 100% Organic Rose Water and Rose Quartz Misty Mist Essential Rose Water (vibrates at 420MHz). 

Misty Mist has both powerful healing and aphrodisiac youth-promoting benefits is good for the emotional heart; pacifying the mind; nurturing the skin;  enhancing metabolism, and can also be used to promote physical and emotional love.


Misty Mist Essential cleanses sweat by neutralizing the pH of the sweat glands, reducing skin irritation.


All purpose Yep, that’s right you can use Misty Mist Essentials for your cuticles, face, body, skin, and so much more. 



It really is a super flower.


















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