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I strive to build quality relationships with my community and clients. Here's what my clients are saying...

Se'Lah Oya: El (~BuaQerta Maat)

Oakland, CA

I wanted to take the time to personally say, Thank you for the presentation on Sisters Mentally Mobilized and as well as the work you are doing. Job well done. You inspire me. Also love your website presentation! Ankh! Udja! Seneb!*

Rebekah Smith

Hollywood CA

Taking Misty's yoga class is so amazing, the sound healing as well as the aromatherapy class it's very relaxing to the body,  mind and the spirit the way she teaches and takes you through every step of the way is very helpful and healing. I recommend her classes. Very helpful and gets me through the week.
Thank you
Rebekah smith  (mysticfingers)

Melanie Aubry

Culver City, CA

 I started taking yoga last year.  I was so impressed with Misty's class, I referred many of my friends and family!  She is not just a yoga teacher! Misty guides her class with professionalism, expertise, and genuine love and concern! You will work hard, but you will leave with an understanding about what areas your body needed to let go physically and emotionally!  Misty is deep and she keeps it REAL!! I love her and I love her classes!! 

Sharica Dirks

Los Angeles, CA

I would like to start by saying Misty is a Divine Jewel! I came to her with so many uncertainties, and questions! Through her teachings and gifts that she shares has giving me confirmations, clarity, understanding, and wisdom about myself, and has helped me grow expeditiously! I Am truly Blessed to have meet Misty along my journey in this life. Love and Light, Peace and Blessings! Love you Misty (Queen) Powell

Inglewood CA

Misty Powell Yoga  achieves the difficult balance of informal teaching and rigorous practise across mixed ability classes, expectations and aspirations. A welcoming invitation, a vigilant eye on individual progress ensures a secure, relaxed personal and integrated group experience. “ – Creative House

Katie Jackson

Long Beach, CA

“I finally found a yoga class where I get just the right amount of guidance and the right amount of space for me to work with my body at my pace. I feel no pressure to perform but am motivated to find new ranges and strengths. My body and mind love it. Of all the yoga classes I have been to in the past, Misty's class has been the most rewarding. Classes are designed and run with the participants in mind – making self exploration  an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Edinburgh Community Yoga to all that want the best”

Durran Lamar

Inglewood, CA

“Misty is a wonderful teacher! I started my practice  as a nervous,  newbie, with previous experience of meditation only. Misty adapts her classes to fit the needs of all her clients and assists where appropriate in an non-invasive manner. The welcoming, non-egocentric environment is conducive to developing your practice at your own pace. With weekly classes my ability and enjoyment increased quickly. There are different payment plans to suit differing needs. Another aspect that I particularly like about Misty is her commitment to further education and helping others. she seeks to continually developing her knowledge and practice __Durran 

Debra Peterson

Long Beach, CA

Misty Powell’s class changes the molecular structure of your brain.  I felt calm and peaceful after my very 1st class.  My goal in 2018 is to make her class an integral part of my life.  Misty is a powerful, yet kind woman.  She has such a peaceful vibe.  I know that I can learn a lot from Misty.  _Debra

Jasmine Wright

FortWorth TX

When it comes to the healing arts I am one who pays careful attention to whom I allow to guide me while I am in the sacred space of healing. Upon my first yoga session with Misty I knew that I found a practitioner who had a deep, intimate, and passionate connection to her craft. As a beginner to yoga Misty took her time with me as I began to use muscles and stretch areas that had not been adequately tended to in quite some time and she taught me how strengthening those areas would impact my spiritual and physical capacity. Outside of her attentive nature, one of my favorite experiences from her class where the sound bowls. As she sat there bringing forth this deep ancient-like sound from this bowl it literally took me out of the yoga class and transported me to a divine quiet place. A place of peace. I would definitely recommend her healing services. I'm looking forward to being in her presence again and again. Namasté

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California Black Women's Health Project

Los Angeles, California



We love you. We love you. We love you!


Thank you so much for your dedication to our sisters and our mission here at the California Black Women's Health Project. On behalf of myself, Carlene, Natalie, and Sonya, we want to thank you deeply and fervently for showing up for our sisters and creating a space where they can feel safe and loved on. 


You were present for all three sessions, and for all three sessions, you made sure our sisters' cups were full so that they could receive the knowledge and resources that they need to ensure that they can be the absolute best advocates, caretakers, nurses, doctors, mothers, people. For this and your wonderful presentation on Womb Health, we revere you with deep deep gratitude. 


Thank you for your presence, your dedication to our sisters, your knowledge and your love. We appreciate you. We love you. Thank you, 



To join our growing list of satisfied clients contact Misty Powell today 

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