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How To Listen To Your Body During Yoga

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Listening to your body during yoga practice is one the most important things you can to do. Learning to listen to your body requires patience, unconditional love and compassion. 

Before I start teaching any yoga class I tell students "listen to your body it is one of the most valuable things you will ever do for yourself". Your teacher will direct you into a pose but it is up to you to move mindfully into a comfortable position that serves your weight and physical landscape. The body can create unique flexibility, it's the mind you have to unwind. Yoga is mind in matter, the focus on synchronicity between breath and movement. 

If your back starts to feel tight in a pose, notice that this is your threshold. We develop instinct & intuition by listening to the body in order to self-sustain and discover somatic resolve. We manage to discern the sensations and start to understand pain from discomfort which is not always clear. 

 The experience of work, children, family, relationships can take its toll on your physical, mental, and emotional balance. This may show up in the form of pain or aches and can be uncomfortable.  

Yoga teaches you to respect the body. The body-consciousness and self-awareness taught in yoga classes are applicable tools that bring about alignment. With a bit of stretching, deep breathing, and the intention to move into comfort. 

Some people cannot handle strenuous flows so it's best to follow your inner wisdom and  journey at your own pace. Try not to confuse listening to the body with listening to the mind chatter on doubts. With time, you will learn to quiet the mind and become inwardly sensitive, to the essence of sensations. How deep you go is relative to what you feel, and your level of consciousness. 

Here are three tips to start listening to your inner wisdom:

  1. Keep a journal. Make notes of anything in your life that is exciting, difficult, painful, joyful, and notice your breathing heart rate and other sensations.

  2. Learn how receive your breath to create inner calm. Check out my blog post The Healing Power of Breathing  for some fun and cool breath techniques. 

  3. When you experience a body sensation such "back pain, a headache, hip stiffness, pay attention to it. What emotion are coming up for you during that moment. Are emotions such as anger, hurt, fear connected with any areas of your body? When sensation arises, stop, listen, breath, rest and take notice to what insights come up through this process? 

The more you practice the more you discover have fun!

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