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Experience a private yoga therapy session with a Wellset Select Practitioner

Do you want to...

          Deepen your practice physically, mentally and spiritually?

          Develop a program specific to your needs?

          Learn more about yoga?

          Make your dreams become a reality?

sign up today for a one-to-one private yoga session today!

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Get some personal attention. enjoy a yoga practice customized to your individual needs. together we will work on mind, body balance, identify goals, and enjoy the journey.


I provide a safe space to grow and Develop your yoga practice. One breath at a time. You are supported comfortably in  your yoga poses to promote healing and transformation. This support, with adjustments, allows you to relax into an even deeper release than you would experience in a yoga class.

 Set in the privacy of your own home, or at my private studio private yoga sessions are an excellent way to:

          introduce yourself to the practice and philosophy of yoga

          develop/deepen your practice and understanding of yoga

          identify modifications of poses specific to your body

          heal from injury or overcome health issues

          cope with trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and/or addiction.

My direction touch and awareness allow you to enter a deep restorative state that awakens your own healing power.


Private Yoga Embodyment  makes it possible for you to be more fully alive in your body and development a deeper relationship with your inner knowing.

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