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Health Is Wealth

Updated: Nov 17, 2022


I'm sure most of you have heard the saying: "your health is your wealth." I believe this to be a true statement. If we don't have good health nothing in your life or business can thrive.

When we are in pain it is difficult for us to think of health. Thoughts of healing and strength do not come forth easily then. We are caught in a major discomfort and often become fearful. We ask, "What can be wrong? What causes this emotional distress?" 

Our thoughts and emotions express through one creative medium we call mind, which has no choice but to manifest them. Conflict or congestion in the body, for the most part, is a reflection of some disharmony in our mental attitudes, consciously or unconsciously sustained. Pain is natures warning that we are off the path of health and wellness.  If you need medical help, you should seek it without delay; but permanent healing must include a definite realignment of your thoughts. a healthy mindset is a wealthy consciousness.

Affirmation: Healing takes place in the NOW moment - My Health is My Wealth

REPEAT: I know that God is where I am at all times and I am centered in the divine presence that is God. Therefore I let go of my fears, and whatever else has blemished my health. This word is the elimination of every sense of hurt, or of rejection of any kind. I let God's wisdom and love be the impulsion of my inner thoughts and desires. I plant this seed in the soil of my garden and grow strong sustaining roots of wholeness. I have a healthy mindset and a wealthy conscious.

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