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Top 7 Aromatherapy Frequency Oils

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Every living and nonliving creature on the planet carries unique electrical magnetic frequencies filled with matter and energy; this includes humans too. Cells, thoughts, emotions, chakras, plants, and essential oils, are measured in MHz. Pure therapeutic essential oils contain the unaltered energy of plants given to them by our creator. Using essential oils can and will heal chronic illnesses, emotional and physical discomforts allowing the oil's natural properties to raise our energetic frequency for well-being.

Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance and creates an environment where bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites cannot live. The measured frequencies of essential oils begin at 52 MHz, and go as high as 320 MHz. A healthy human body typically has a frequency ranging from 62 to 78 MHz. The lower the frequency, the denser your energy, and the heavier your problems seem ( Rose, 2021). So when we use essential oils we have the ability to strengthen our immune system, reduce stress, calm the nervous system and much more.

Benefits of essential oil:

  • Raise our energy frequency

  • Align energies & restore natural energetic well-being

  • Reduce stress & calm nervous system

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Remove blockages & balance energies

  • Enhance perception & bring balance to body systems

In the presence of acute or chronic illnesses, these vibrations change. They are also altered by things that we eat and do. The higher the frequency, the lighter and healthier the person. There are a variety of things we can do to increase our vibrations. Obviously, consuming healthy foods and getting adequate exercise and rest is a great contributor towards high vibrational health and wellness. Simple acts of kindness and increasing our daily gratitude can greatly help de-clutter one's mind and living space.

Now that we know a little about frequency let's explore the Top 7 Aromatherapy Frequency Oils

Rose oil frequency
Rose Essential Oil

Rose (Rosaceae): Rose essential oil benefits the heart emotionally & energetically vibrating at a frequency of 320 MHz. This healing oil floral, spicy, rich, deep, sensual, essential oil opens one's heart to love and spiritual connection. Rose is most commonly used for hormonal balance and skin health. Rose oil fights depression and boosts self-esteem, confidence and mental strength.

Primary Benefits

  • Stimulates hormone secretion that trigger menstruation

  • Boosts Libido

  • Prevent internal bacterial infection

  • Purifies blood & Uterus

  • Sedates inflammation associated with conditions like gout

Helichrysum Frequency
Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum (Helichrysum Italicum): Everlasting and immortelle are the common names of helichrysum that denote eternal bliss known for its restorative properties providing excellent support for the skin. A unique essential oil that assists in activating inner strength to address wounds that might be buried and assist w/ courage to see healing through. Vibrating at 181 MHz this rich, sweet, fruity, slightly honey-like essence helps balance emotional and psychological processing. Promoting healthy liver function. Help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.Helichrysum operates as a natural antibiotic, anti fungal, and antimicrobial.

Primary Benefits

  • Inhibits microbial & fungal infection

  • Reduces risk of heart attacks caused by thickening of blood

  • Remove toxic substances from the body

  • Support localized blood flow

  • Helps skin recover quickly

Frankincense Frequency
Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense: Because of its emotional & spiritual effects frankincense essential oil vibrating at 147 MHz it is commonly used to support a healthy immune system and assist in prayer and meditation. This deep, warm, sweet essence helps to bring about a present state of bliss mind, body and spirit or center one’s consciousness. Frankincense is considered a holy oil in the middle east, we know it was given to Christ at the time of his birth and mentioned over 52 times in the bible. Chemistry proves that frankincense contains sesquiterpenes that stimulate the part of the brain that controls emotions.

Primary Benefits:

  • Calming and soothing to the skin

  • Reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks

  • Promote cellular health

  • Helps build and maintain a healthy immune system

  • Helps alleviate nervous energy

Lavender Frequency
Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender (lavandula angustifolia): “When in doubt, try Lavender”, a popular essential commonly used to calm the mind and reduce headaches. Long loved for its calming and soothing fragrance it is among the gentlest of essential oils, but also one of the most powerful holding a frequency of 118 MHz fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous the fragrance is very relaxing and calming to the body and mind, making it a favorite of households. Emotionally, lavender oil is said to be the oil of honest communication and expression. Supporting the nervous system, it calms a racing mind, allowing a person to settle into their heart and speak with gentleness and compassion. It increases a sense of security and peace, helping build trust in one’s self and others.

Primary Benefits:

  • Improves concentration

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Improves sleep

  • Improves eczema

  • Ease muscle tension

Myrrh Frequency
Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh: (commiphora myrrha) Has been around for thousands of years aiding in healing viral and bacterial infections, cancer, and other illnesses. Contains a high content of sesquiterpenes, a class of compounds that have a direct effect on the pituitary, which is the seat of our emotions. With a frequency of 105 MHz Myrrh oil is often used today for its anti-infectious, and anti-inflammatory properties, and has been studied for its ability to help reduce tumors. Myrrh’s earthy, balsamic aroma is said to promote awareness, and to be uplifting. Because healthy attachment is critical to our sense of safety in the world around us and those in it, it may support the parent-child bond, or support an adult releasing childhood trauma that may impact their current relationships or ability to form trusting bonds with others.

Primary Benefits:

  • Boost immune system

  • Prevent food poisoning and hair loss

  • Helps blood circulation

  • Strengthens the gums

  • Promotes emotional balance

Blue Chamomile Frequency
Chamomile Essential Oil

Blue Chamomile (Matrcaria Recututa): Has a warm fresh, sweet, fruity, apple-like scent that is relaxing and calming for both mind and body. Its gentleness makes it especially valuable for restless children making it popular to use before bed. It is said to work best with the emotions, nervous system and skin. Often used as a tea but a few drops on your pillows can assure a restful night sleep. Spiritually It's said to support a person who is seeking their purpose or struggling with a feeling of purposelessness. It can help one overcome discouragement, find clarity and focus on the things that bring meaning and peace of mind.

Primary Benefits:

  • Eliminates depression

  • Facilitates digestion

  • Reduce blood pressure

  • Reduces muscles and joint pains

  • Serves as a natural allergy reliever

Melissa Frequency
Melissa Essential Oil

Melissa: (Melissa Officinalis) Has a light, fresh, lemony scent that is strengthening and revitalizing yet soothing and calming with a frequency of 102 MHz . Known to the world as lemon balm, nectar of life. Melissa is trusted to enhance cognitive performance, treat Alzheimer’s disease, venomous bites and fights against viral attacks like herpes. It is also used in treating insomnia, depression and nervous headache and is also said to support a person through spiritual awakening. Strengthens emotions and counteracts anger. One of the most effective oils for anxious depression and a feeling of foreboding

Primary Benefits:

  • Invokes and provides warmth to the respiratory system

  • Eliminates bloating and cramping

  • Heals sores and ulcers

  • Inhibits bacterial infection in the colon,intestines, urinary tract & kidneys

Top 7 Aromatherapy Frequency Oils


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