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Image by Sébastien Jermer



 (APRIL 2022)

Join me for an unforgettable experience. The Wholistic Healing Arts Retreat in Portland, Jamaica. 

5 days on the tropical Island of Portland at the Sea Cliff Resort. Experience daily sunrise/sunset yoga & dance sessions with Empress Misty Powell, overlooking the caribbean sea. Embrace barefoot natural living, reconnecting to nature in all its glory, while simultaneously contributing directly to the local community. 

This is the time to awaken the natural mystic within_Mystic Power

Picture tropical elegance surrounded by authentic island artworks, roadside stands, serving seafood soup, and fisherman docking the brightly colored canoes on endless miles of coral and white sand. 


Considered one of the most beautiful parishes on the island, Portland located on the eastern side of Jamaica, 17 km from Port Antonio. It’s beautiful turquoise waters lush forest, Blue Mountains and many other attractions like the Blue Lagoon, Reach Falls and Rio Grande River makes Portland A dreamy place where nature is adored. 


I can’t wait to introduce you to the island where we get to nourish, play, and invite a deeper connection to our natural bio-rhythms, which will provide the space to reconnect with who we are beyond the roles we play in our lives.


Wholistic Healing Arts retreat is all about living in your true hearts art. Unlocking your inner wisdom  in a spiritually uplifting environment.

This retreat is for you if...

  • You are a creative seeking to unlock more of your gifts

  • You need a break from the demands of daily life

  • You are craving opportunities for growth and expansion in a safe and inspirational setting

  • You are a cultural enthusiast seeking new experiences

  • You are ready to say yes to life breakout of auto pilot reactive living

  • You are ready to make the leap and make 2021 a year without limitation

  • You are a natural mystic seeking mystical experiences

  • You are committed to your own personal transformation

  • You always wanted to visit Jamaica

  • You are a healer seeking to connect with like minds

Image by Sam Moqadam

Waking up to crashing waves along and island coast somehow makes everything well with the world. It’s peaceful, yet energetic. It’s inspiring, yet words failed to really tell the story. It’s a small part of a tiny island, yet such a magnificent vista. Portland ,Jamaica

_Debbie Ann Powell


Rest, Restore & Explore

Your Host

Misty Powell, MA, RYT, MT-BC

Misty is a Psychologist, a Wholistic Reiki Healer and  Certified Yoga Instructor. She is also a spiritual healer, and yogi mystic, who walks the path she teaches guiding others to transform by offering modalities that heal. Misty is an authentic healer that speaks from the heart center.  She will take you on a journey back to your inner wisdom in such a way that you are embodied and resilient to external forces. Applying holistic formulas, while teaching you to manifest your best life.


Her offerings provide a safe space to explore oneself, all while reflecting a high level of integrity, devotion to personal growth and freedom. Embodied in ancient wisdom, with a genuine soul, Misty is passionate about yoga, traveling, & wellness retreats, that inspire one to tap into their true hearts art. 


She currently leads wellness workshops, and yoga classes in Los Angeles, California at EQUINOXWELLSET , Y.O.G.A. for Youth, & CALIFORNIA BLACK WOMEN'S HEALTH PROJECT (CBWHP).


Misty inspires people from all over the world on how to access and use the power of their heart and soul connection.  Her clients say she activates their own inner knowing, she guides them to find their own heart-center balance in a turbulent world and her presence brings them peace.

Misty is honored to share the value of this living tradition and encourage people to experience their infinite potential. She is on a quest to empower others to discover a greater awareness and clearer perspective in their everyday lives.

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